Yoga Education for Schools

Bringing the physical, social-emotional and academic learning benefits of yoga and mindfulness to whole school communities.


Discover Peace

Find Focus

Grow Confident

Experience Joy

YES for Parents

Transform Relationships…Facilitate Cooperation… Learn effective tools to improve focus, balance energy, and reduce stress in yourself and children. Create calm through purposeful play and encourage self-awareness, relieve tension, and foster social-emotional competencies in your children.

Choose from our most popular workshops for Parents & Families or create your own:

Your Kids Brain on Yoga

Yoga: Its History & Benefits

Creating Calm Community

Yoga Tools for Healthy Families

Family Yoga

Adult Yoga Classes

Yoga for Calming, Coping, and Collaborating

All trainings and workshops include handouts, opportunities for oral and written reflection,

teacher preparation, set up and clean up, and travel time.

Prices based on program length and content.

Discounts for multiple classes, 2-hour, half-day, and full-day programs.

Standard hourly fee: $295

No prior yoga experience needed! All ability levels welcome!

YES for Students

In the Classroom…After School…On the Field…At Home…Infants to Young Adults

  • YES incorporates research-based, secular curricula, including Kripalu Yoga in the Schools and Radiant Child Yoga.
  • YES yoga and mindfulness instruction supports core learning standards,such as those established by CASEL & NAEYC.
  • YES offers differentiated learning experiences to meet the unique developmental needs of all students, including those with ADD/ADHD and autism.
  • YES programs emphasize social-emotional learning and mindful decision-making, the platform on which children develop executive functioning skills, cognitive growth, and the skills necessary to thrive as resilient, life-long learners.
  • YES programs are led by Yoga Educators, instructors with prior experience working with children in school settings, including teachers, counselors, and school administrators, who also possess specialized training in children’s yoga.
  • YES instructors undergo fingerprinting and criminal background checks as well as CPR & First Aid training.  Many are also VIRTIS certified and all carry appropriate levels of liability insurance coverage.

The Yoga Education for Schools curriculum is a structured, developmentally-based series of breathing exerecises, yoga poses, experiential activities, relaxation, and mindfulness techniques tailored to the unique needs of our students.  A few of our most popular programs include:

Yoga for Greater Self-Care & Resilience

Quiet the Mind, Spark Creativity with Art & Yoga

Yoga for Young Athletes

Early Learning Through Yoga

Yoga Club, Before or After School

Yoga for Focus, Fitness & Fun

YES for Students

Professional Development…Personal Growth… Powerful Learning…Workshops, classes, and trainings designed specifically for school faculty and staff and professionals who work with children provide accessible and effective techniques for creating calm, finding focus, and enhancing resilience.

Our workshops for professionals who work with children, including school faculty and staff, occupational and physical therapists, health care professionals, and counselors offer highly effective tools for managing stress, building relationships, and fostering greater collaboration and cooperation in school communities.

Our most popular workshops for educators and educational professionals include:

Creating Calm Classrooms

Yoga and Mindfulness Tools for Teachers & Their Students

Creating Quiet Spaces in a Loud World

Stress Relieve & Self Care for Teachers

Mindfulness/ A Safe Haven for Learning

Introduction to Mindfulness for the Classroom

Yoga for Classrooms: Its History, Benefits, and Power to Improve Academic Outcomes

Art & Yoga for Fostering Creativity

Yoga & The Special Needs Child

All trainings and workshops include handouts, opportunities for oral and written reflection, teacher preparation, set up, clean up, and travel time.

Prices based on program length and content.   Standard hourly rate: $295 (discounts for half-day and whole-day trainings)

No prior yoga experience necessary!  All ability levels welcome!

Research Shows Yoga Benefits Kids with ADHD

As soothing as yoga is for adults, the practice might hold evenmore benefits for children with ADHD. Find out more about this alternative ADHD treatment from a longtime kids’ yoga instructor, Shakta Khalsa.

Yoga In Schools Improves Health According To New Research

A recent survey suggests that roughly 80% of children and adolescents will have some form of psychological problem by age 21. Many of these conditions, like depression and anxiety are rooted in chronic stress. This is one reason why more schools are turning to yoga to improve the health of American youth according to a new review of the research published in Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.

The Benefits of Yoga for Kids

By practicing yoga poses, children can learn how to exercise, develop confidence, and concentrate better.

Why Yoga in Schools?

Working with researchers at Harvard University, Kripalu Yoga in the Schools has demonstrated that yoga and mindfulness activities conducted with adolescents, even for as little as 30-minutes a week, result in reduced stress and anxiety, enhanced academic performance, better sleep and self-care routines, and improved self-esteem and self-confidence.

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