Why Give?

Everyone has the capacity for unconditional health and happiness. Everyone has the innate ability to feel true goodness and joy. Sometime you just need to know how. When we help just one person connect with their own potential for health and happiness, we help them connect to the world around them and create calm in our communities, building a culture of inclusion, acceptance, empowerment, and peace.

Create Calm is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing mindfulness-based behavioral health programs to whole school communities through our educational programs for children, teachers, school counselors and administrators, professionals who work with children, and parents from all corners of our community.

Your donation to Create Calm will bring the valuable tools of art, yoga, and mindfulness directly into schools and community spaces to create communities of active, compassionate, resilient life-long learners and empower them with greater self-awareness and self-care for the health and well-being of themselves and others.

What you get

  • $1400 = 8 weeks of 1-hour “Teen Yoga” classes, children ages 11 to teen
  • $1000 = 8 weeks of 45-minute “Elementary Yoga” classes children ages 6 to 11
  • $760 = 8 weeks of 30-minute “Early Childhood Yoga” classes, children ages 2 to 5
  • $750 = Half-Day Training for School Faculty & Staff
  • $375 = Mindful Families Class, School Assembly, Community Program, or Other 1-Hour Special Event
  • $250 = One-Hour Workshop for Parents and/or Teachers
  • $175 = One 60-minute Class for Young Adults
  • $95 = One 30-minute Class of Yoga or Mindfulness
  • Put your dollars to work today, at one of our existing client schools or at a school of your choosing!
  • If we can raise $5,600, we can bring 32 hours of yoga and mindfulness instruction to four school communities.
  • $28,000 = 160 hours of instruction, 20 8-week sessions, & yoga and mindfulness programming for more than 600 children!
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