Mindfulness-based behavioral health education for children, teachers, families, schools, communities.

Create Calm is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing healthier, happier communities through mindfulness-based behavioral health education. Our mission is to provide mental and physical health education, resources, and support for optimal self-care, positive engagement, collaboration, inclusion, and success in academic environments, providing scaffolding around all members of the school community, children and adults, that empowers them to productively and effectively contribute to the community, to feel a sense of belonging, to value themselves and others, and be active, compassionate, resilient life-long learners.

For example, through it CALM Youth Leadership Academy, Create Calm sponsors programs that give teens and pre-teens tools they can use to help themselves, while at the same time training teachers and counselors in stress-relief and conflict management skills and helping families learn ways to improve relationships. These programs include classes, workshops, and trainings, featuring mindfulness curricula founded in core learning standards, SEL, CASEL, and NAEYC.

Create Calm is particularly committed to supporting interactive experiential learning opportunities designed to strengthen connections and teach sustainable life skills to children and adults.