Unique and Powerful Learning

for children, adults, those with specific health needs and special populations

In your home, at one of our affiliated studios, or at our offices, experience the benefits of individually tailored and personalized yoga instruction to meet your specific and unique mental and physical health needs.

We’ve worked  with clients suffering from anxiety, stress, pelvic floor dysfunction, scoliosis, sleep disorders, immune deficiencies, cancer, and sports injuries. We have also helped clients recovering from aneurysms, joint replacement surgeries, and pregnancy and delivery.

Our work with children includes those with sensory processing, behavior management, self-soothing, strength, and other physical, intellectual, and social-emotional challenges.

Sample classes: 

  • Pediatric Yoga
  • Developmental Delays
  • Therapeutic Yoga for Recovery from Injury/Illness
  • Yoga & Mindfulness for Cancer Patients
  • Stress & Anxiety Management
  • Sports Injuries & Athletic Conditioning
  • Prenatal, Post-Child Birth Yoga
  • Yoga for Autism & ADHD

The standard hourly rate for private instruction is $125 per hour.

Bringing yoga to you — at the office, at school, at  your local yoga studios or anywhere your small group gathers.  Practice basic pranayama (breathing) techniques, engage in warm up activities to stretch and strengthen the body and improve body awareness, and learn a variety of Asanas (postures).

Classes are led with verbal cuing and moderate assists to ensure the comfort and safety of all participants, beginner to experienced yogi.  Yoga mats, props, and other class materials provided for use during class.  Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing (i.e., running or yoga pants and a well-fitting shirt) and to remove shoes and socks during class.

Sample classes:  

  • Stress Reduction for Busy Professionals
  • Mindful Movement for Young Professionals
  • Posture, Core Strength & Breath Enhancement
  • Peace, Quiet, and Joy for On-the-Go Parents
  • Celebrating the Years — Anniversary/Birthday Parties
  • Wedding & Baby Showers
  • Sports Team Conditioning

The standard hourly rate for a corporate or group workshop or class is $295.

Our class offerings

Yoga for Everyone

for specific health needs and special populations
Experience deeper levels of inner relaxation than you ever imagined possible.
Give yourself permission to rest, balance, and restore, tapping into new sources of energy.
This inspired meditation practice will awaken your whole being, allowing you to enjoy life fully.
There is nothing required of you but to lie down and listen. Through the use of body sensing, breath awareness, guided imagery and other practices, you will be systematically guided on a journey through your whole being.  Switch from flight or fight into the relaxation response – your body’s natural healing state and bring on revitalization, regeneration, equilibrium, and deep healing.
Feel a new connection with yourself like you’ve never felt before, letting go of everyday concerns, limiting beliefs, and anything holding you back from being your best self, fully alive and thriving.

Art & yoga provide the ideal platform to clear and focus the mind, direct awareness, improve physical and mental health, and spark creativity and learning. Enhance the mind-body connection by moving the body in gentle, accessible yoga exercises designed to rebalance the left and right hemispheres of the body and brain and explore a variety of art media designed to inspire creativity, encourage mind-body collaboration,  and create greater calm in the mind and body.  This  curriculum was developed in collaboration with Meghan Lally, curriculum and arts-education specialist with a background in Harvard Project Zero Thinking Routines, Visual Thinking Strategies, and Inquiry-Based Pedagogy.

Uniquely designed to offer children and young adults with autism an opportunity to develop skills for personal empowerment and emotional balance, and to explore their own physical strength and coordination. Participants will practice breathing techniques, yoga poses, cross-body work, and mindfulness activities based in themes such as trust, self-care, and connecting with their own goodness and joy. This class is led by Lisa Danahy (E-RYT 200, RCYT) who is trained in Kripalu Yoga in Schools and is a registered Radiant Child Yoga trainer. In creating the curriculum for this class, Lisa draws on her background in education, her BA in Psychology, and her specialized training in working with individuals with autism.

Working with professionals in the fields of physical therapy, childbirth, anatomy and alignment, and sports medicine, specialized classes are designed to provided individualized support for a wide variety of health needs.  Some of the services provided  to our client in the past have included:

  • pelvic floor dysfunction
  • aneurysm
  • joint injury or instability
  • scoliosis & spine weakness   
  • posture & core strengthening 
  • weight imbalances
  • sports injuries
  • prenatal  
  • post-childbirth  
  • strength conditioning
  • beginner yoga & meditation instruction

Adult Classes

Our classes can be tailored to all ages, levels of experience, physical ability, and special occasions.

Relieve stress, lubricate joints, stretch and release tension in muscles with yoga poses, often done in the form of kriyas (or flow), followed by guided relaxation and meditation to bring better focus, more energy, and reduce stress.  Each class includes Pranayama (breathing), warm up movements, Asanas (postures), guided relaxation and meditation to balance the body, mind, and tap into inner wisdom.  This class is suitable for all experience levels and a broad variety of physical abilities.

Gentle Yoga is safe, not easy.   This class provides stress release and muscle strengthening through gentle stretching, alignment-based movement and weight-bearing poses incorporating simple breathing exercises, an emphasis on spinal warm-ups, flowing movements, deep relaxation, meditation and basic yoga poses designed lubricate joints, strengthen bones, and warm and align tendons and ligaments.  This class is appropriate for students new to yoga as well as those individuals with physical limitations, such as recent or recurring injuries.  This is also an ideal class for individuals wanting to explore stretches more deeply, practice quieting the mind, and to improve the synchronization of breath and body.

This class provides a balance of stretching and strengthening and is intended to have an internal focus.  A variety of breathing exercises (including Dirgha, Ujjayi, and Kapalabhati) and warm ups and kriyas are followed by postures.  Postures may be led with longer holding times and a focus on deeper breathing. This class is most appropriate for students who have learned the basic postures and are comfortable doing them with their eyes closed. 

This class is predominately athletic and can also be referred to as a Vinyasa flow (Suryanamaskar).  It begins with Pranayama (breathing) and quickly moves to Asanas (postures). Postures are held for three to seven breaths and there is little or no rest time between Asanas.  Postures are sequenced so that the student flows in and out of warm ups and postures, allowing steady work of the muscles throughout the body.  This class is designed for individuals who have previous yoga experience and are in good physical condition.

Designed to create a deep state of relaxation, this restorative practice is usually done in a reclined, supported position in which the participant remains still for the duration of the class as the instructor guides a meditative experience to gradually release tension in the body, quiet thoughts and feelings, and connect participants with the healing powers of their inner selves.

Youth and Family Classes

Uniquely designed for each developmental stage.

Children experience the magic of yoga through stories, music, games and movement.  They are encouraged to move and use their bodies in fun and imaginative ways, engaging in a variety of yoga poses that enable them to go from silly to calm, as they practice breath and body awareness.

Through the use of stories, music, games and props, founded in theme-based teaching, children release restless energy while honing motor and language skills, boosting body and breathing awareness, and developing self-confidence. Relaxation and self-reflection is included in each session. Children participate in individual, partner and group yoga.

Through poses, games and conversation, Yoga for Tweens is designed to help preteens navigate their journey from childhood to teenager.  This class gives preteens the tools they need to improve concentration, reduce stress, and explore their bodies and feelings in a fun and positive way. Preteens will challenge their bodies by practicing yoga postures for increased balance, flexibility and strength and connect to their bodies and quiet their minds through breathing exercises.  Preteens will also learn how to take their yoga practice off the mat and into their daily lives to help them find ease in the face of today’s challenges.

Being a teenager is hard! The pressures of homework and tests, sports, music performances, and where to fit in the social hierarchy often leave teens feeling stressed, anxious and stripped of energy. This class will equip high school students with the tools to healthily manage their emotions and stress levels, while leaving them feeling empowered and self-confident. Students will learn breathing and centering exercises, yoga postures, relaxation and meditation techniques as well as how and when to use these techniques when facing challenges outside of class. Benefits of movement and meditation include lowered stress, greater relaxation and sleep, and improved concentration and mental clarity. 

In this class, children & their grown-ups (parents, grandparents, other caregivers) learn & practice basic yoga poses; and enjoy yoga stories, games, songs. Through yoga and community, we will create a fun, energetic and non-competitive environment that supports our efforts to build stronger social and emotional connections, boost physical fitness & self-expression, and let go of stress.

We’ve combined our popular family yoga curriculum with our highly successful preschool yoga program to meet the specific developmental needs of young children and their families.  In this 45-minute class, youngsters explore self-awareness and self-regulation, build confidence and self-esteem, and enhance strength and body awareness while engaging in yoga stories, games, and poses along side their parents, grandparents, siblings, and other family members.   This class is an ideal opportunity for families with young children to come together to play, learn, grow, and have FUN as a family.

A special time for adults to connect with the little ones in their lives.  This class is designed to strengthen bodies as well as social-emotional connections between adult caregivers and their babies and to promote joy in movement, physical exploration, self-expression, and self-confidence, through songs, movement, stretching, and massage in a relaxed, fun, positive environment.

Class Schedule

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Classes for Adults

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For Private & Group Classes:


The Happy Yogi
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Main Street Connect
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Sun & Moon Yoga Studio
Arlington: 3811 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA  22207
Fairfax: 9998 Main Street, Fairfax, VA  22031

The Gil Institute
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M Street Yoga
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