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                                      In the Classroom...After School...On the Field...At Home...Infants to Young Adults

YES incorporates research-based, secular curricula, including Kripalu Yoga in the Schools and Radiant Child Yoga.

YES yoga and mindfulness instruction supports core learning standards,such as those established by CASEL & NAEYC.

YES offers differentiated learning experiences to meet the unique developmental needs of all students, including those with ADD/ADHD and autism.

YES programs emphasize social-emotional learning and mindful decision-making, the platform on which children develop executive functioning skills, cognitive growth, and the skills necessary to thrive as resilient, life-long learners.

YES programs are led by Yoga Educators, instructors with prior experience working with children in school settings, including teachers, counselors, and school administrators, who also possess specialized training in children's yoga.

YES instructors undergo fingerprinting and criminal background checks as well as CPR & First Aid training.  Many are also VIRTIS certified and all carry appropriate levels of liability insurance coverage.


Your contribution can help bring mindfulness programs to YOUR school and to those in need.



YES!   Yoga Education for Schools

The Yoga Education for Schools curriculum is a structured, developmentally-based series of breathing exerecises, yoga poses, experiential activities, relaxation, and mindfulness techniques tailored to the unique needs of our students.  A few of our most popular programs include:

Yoga for Greater Self-Care & Resilience

Quiet the Mind, Spark Creativity with Art & Yoga

Yoga for Young Athletes

Early Learning Through Yoga

Yoga Club, Before or After School

Yoga for Focus, Fitness & Fun