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Our Philosophy:  One's capacity for greater health, growth and success is enhanced by the ability to connect with oneself and with all that is around us. INA Wellness celebrates the “I iN All,”  the interwoven nature of our world and the power we have to heal and grow together.


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Our Mission:  To provide innovative mindfulness-based behavioral health programs, including yoga, meditation, and art, to individuals and groups of all ages, helping our clients unlock their inner greatness and better connect with and strengthen themselves and their communities.

Our Vision: To create communities of active, compassionate, resilient life-long learners and empower them with greater self-awareness and self-care for the health and well-being of themselves and others.

CREATE CALM: Gentle Yoga & Guided Relaxation to Refresh, Restore, Renew


Building & Funding the Know-How

Finding Health & Happiness

Everyone has the capacity for unconditional health and happiness.  Everyone has the innate ability to feel true goodness and joy.     Sometime you just need to know how.  When we help just one person connect with their own potential for health and happiness, we help them connect to the world around them and create calm in our communities, building a culture of inclusion, acceptance, empowerment, and peace.

INA Wellness -- the Know-How to connect with your own inner goodness and joy and the tools to inspire it in others.